Polymath Enthusiasms

Is There Cake?

Hello there!

I guess you have questions. Like: “What’s this blog all about?” and “Why would I be interested?” and “Is there cake?”

This blog is intended to be about all the things which I find most interesting. If you enjoy writing, reading, knitting, history, games (video, tabletop, board – all are welcome), studying, foreign languages, genealogy, art, cooking, baking, collecting all the things, or the films of Mr. Keanu Reeves, you may find something of interest here. And no, I’m not going to send you cake, but I may occasionally share a recipe for one of my favourites.

I don’t promise to write about all of these things all of the time. My enthusiasm for any particular topic ebbs and flows, and I plan to let the blog posts follow that flow. I will do my best to categorise posts appropriately, and I’ll be keeping a list of current projects and enthusiasms under The Crafty Polymath Is….

I’d love it if you joined me regularly, but feel free to drop in as and when the mood takes you.

Thanks for reading. And fine, just this once:

By StrawberryCandle, via Wikimedia Commons.

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