New Project: Studies in Ice

I meant to write about this project on Monday, which is when I cast on, but the Tiny Tyrant started nursery this week, so what little energy I’ve had left has gone into doing the knitting, rather than talking about doing the knitting.

Knitting on windowsill.
Some days are meant for knitting.

So, Studies in Ice is a pattern, designed by Beatrice Perron Dahlen of Thread & Ladle, for a typical Icelandic yoked sweater. Somehow I went from admiring the design, to telling myself that I would just buy the pattern since it was discounted at launch, to talking myself into joining the KAL she’s running. This despite all the life stuff going on, and that I want to knit the Autumn designs from A Year of Techniques, and that I’m trying to reduce my stash by knitting Christmas presents….

Since I own a lot of blue clothes I picked a lovely rust-brown shade of Lopi Léttlopi (conveniently forgetting that I already have merino in the same colour for another sweater project *facepalm*), with white for the colourwork yoke.

My plan was to knit the Vatnajokull version, but I’m now swaying toward the Seydisfjordur instead, so I’ve printed both charts out, and will decide when I have to.

Vatnajokull (left) or Seydisfjordur?

This is my first time knitting with Icelandic wool, and I’m a little in love – enough that I’m idly wondering what other patterns on my wishlist I could use it for.

I’m hoping the KAL deadline (15th October) will be a big enough push for me to keep going despite distractions. At the moment I’m very much looking forward to wearing the finished sweater, which also helps. I’ll be posting updates on instagram (tagged #lopapeysakal), and hopefully will include it in my round-up of October’s Finished Projects.