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Odds & (Week)Ends #1

This is something I’m hoping to do each week, where I’ll talk a bit about things that probably don’t merit their own post, or flag up things that I hope to come back to.

A Little Light Reading

Last week there was a deal on The Knitter’s app to get the entire digital back catalogue (issues 11-113) at a discount, so I snapped that up, and have spent this week working my way through them. I have hard copies from 107 onward, so I still have about 32 digital issues to get through at the time of writing. I’ve not quite been reading them cover to cover – I avoid patterns with beading like the plague for a start – but I have been bookmarking patterns and techniques like crazy. The Knitter is great for articles on knitting history and the UK wool industry too, so it’s been a fascinating and inspiring week of reading.

Reader, I Frogged It

On the topic of knitting, I had to bid farewell to my first attempt at the Morning Pages shawl this week. It’s been my TV knitting, and I made a mistake early on, which I stubbornly decided not to go back and fix. My knitting mistakes have a habit of breeding more mistakes, so of course I couldn’t make it work. On the bright side, I know exactly where and how I made my mistakes. I think I may use a different yarn next time, but I’m going to take a break to work on other things before I go back for round 2.

All the Learning

20170910_200159000_iOSAudiobooks aren’t really my thing – apparently I never outgrew the habit of drifting off when somebody reads me a story – but I can stay alert through almost any lecture topic, so I was delighted to find that Audible carry the Great Courses lecture series. My wishlist is now absurd, but I’ve started with the Language and Linguistics courses by Prof. John McWhorter. He’s a funny, engaging, and authoritative lecturer, and I greatly enjoyed Languages A-Z, a series of short lectures on topics like specific languages, slang, and grammar. It’s deliberately not Euro-centric, and a lovely taster for non-linguists, as each topic only takes 15-20 mins. I’ve now moved on to the more in-depth The Story of Language, and have Myths, Lies and Half-Truths of Language Usage lined up.

From the Mailbag

This has been a fun post week for me: three books (including a couple that I hope to talk about in future posts), my 2018 Strickplaner (which I will definitely be talking about when I get around to blogging about planners and planning), new needles for my interchangeable circulars, and, most exciting of all, my OU study materials for Exploring Languages and Cultures, which begins in October.

Odds and Sods

  • The Technician decided to make me an anniversary present (a bit weird as we don’t usually celebrate), so I now have a box to store my dice, and clearly I need to buy more dice.20170910_201116482_iOS
  • The Tiny Tyrant has a green thumb (it clearly skipped a generation), and I have broad beans taking over my dining table. I’m guessing I shouldn’t put them out in our cold, rainy Scottish autumn?!?
  • I outed myself as a crafter and have been invited to go and help the nursery kids do some felting this term. I think this calls for a practice run at home.


The Lopapeysa continues apace, and I hope to get to the interesting bits by the end of the week, so there may be a little update on that. I’m also swatching in preparation for casting on the Wood Warbler Cowl, which is the September KAL for A Year of Techniques, which will get it’s own post. I also hope to get something bookish on here too.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.


2 thoughts on “Odds & (Week)Ends #1

  1. I love The Knitter! But I prefer it on paper. πŸ™‚ I’ve been known to spot a pattern in the Rowan magazine and then to wait for it to appear in The Knitter which I subscribe… I usually end up buying the Rowan as well though, for the rest of it.

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    1. I much prefer it on paper too, but it was the only way to get the back issues. I’ve yet to try the print function though – lets hope I’m not transcribing all those patterns by hand 😧


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