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Odds & (Week)Ends #2

Poorly Sick

This has not been the most productive week as the Tiny Tyrant was ill, and infected me with her snot-monster plague. I’ve survived by going to my comfort zones – gaming, and hot milk and honey. I have also managed to keep knitting: the Lopapeysa body is knitted up to the armholes, and I cast on sleeve no.2 last night, so I’m feeling pretty confident about finishing by the 15th of October.

Swatches and Frogs

I mentioned last weekend that I hoped to get the Wood Warbler Cowl from A Year of Techniques cast on this week. I swatched a few times, and came to the conclusion that I need to go down to 4.5mm needles to achieve the correct tension.

Schoppel Wolle Gradient: colourways Schatten and In Der Wiese.

This is also the size I’m using for the Lopapeysa, and none of my fixed circulars are the right needle-size/length combo, so I now have another reason to get the sweater finished asap.

Never mind, I thought, I’ve still got a sock languishing in my WIP bag, that can be my alternate when I need a break from the trickier bits of the Lopapeysa. Then I decided that I want to use the main colour of the sock yarn (Coopknits Socks Yeah! in Axinite) for a different project, so that’s getting frogged. Someday I will knit socks (one of my goals for this fast-diminishing year), but it won’t be in September.


For reasons unknown I was feeling nostalgic about Mass Effect, and decided to give Andromeda another shot. I’d heard that it wasn’t such a bad game now that they’ve finished patching it. Unfortunately, it’s still not a particularly good game. I’m about 20 hours in with a new Ryder, and feeling the same inertia over the thought of continuing as last time. I just can’t seem to care about the characters or the story. I think I may bow out again, and go complete the FFXV DLC that I’ve yet to get round to, or finally do a comprehensive playthrough of Witcher 3.

From the Mailbag

20170913_160926650_iOSThis week was a yarn week: I got some balls of Alafoss Lopi in red and green to make slipper socks, and my easyknits order also arrived – a Wickedlets gradient set, and a mystery skein, which turned out to be a lovely grass-green shade of their Squidge, a very squidgeable (yes, I said that) fingering weight yarn. I’m now busy pondering what I could do with the latter. I also took delivery of my new waterproof. Remember when waterproofs were light enough to squish into your handbag? This one is all technical specifications and zipped pockets, and feels like it should come with a manual. I am very grateful for it though as the dark clouds seem to pounce whenever I’m dropping off or picking up TT from nursery.

Odds and Sods

  • I finally finished my marathon session of Knitter back issues, and tested printing out patterns from the app, which worked perfectly. Pretty sure I will not live long enough to knit all the things I bookmarked.
  • I (also finally) listened to the Knit British podcast, and I loved it, and have let myself be sucked into listening to all the old episodes of that. Only 81 to go!


The coming week has the potential to be stressful, there were already plans in the diary, and I need to pick up all the things which were dropped during snot-monster plague week. I do have a bookish post lined up for you, but anything else will depend on when I get time to scribble down my ideas.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down. 


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