Polymath Enthusiasms

Odds & (Week)ends #3

Autumn has Arrived

Mistaking brightness for warmth….

I’ve spent much of this week mistaking brightness for warmth, and debating unleashing the knitted accessories. Despite that, it has been lovely to be out among the autumn colours. The change of season has also inspired some autumn cleaning (is that a thing?) as I took stock of my book shelves and yarn stash, and cleared some of the clutter which had developed over the summer. The stash was a little overwhelming because it’s now sorted into projects, and there are more than I anticipated. My sister informed me that I’m unstoppable though – in writing, no less – so I just have to keep reminding myself of that.


It’s Alive!

I’ve finished sleeve no.2, joined the sleeves to the body, and the Lopapeysa at last looks like a sweater. I’m working on the short row section as we speak, with a view to getting the colourwork done by the end of the week. Although the KAL deadline is the 15th Oct, I have a personal deadline of the 30th Sept as I’m aware of how many Christmas gifts I still want to knit.

From the Mailbag

How did I only just notice this?

Yes, more yarn: I changed my mind on using white for the colourwork in Studies in Ice, so ordered a couple of balls of Léttlopi in Sand. I also grabbed some Wendy Merino DK in a discontinued colour for the Tiny Tyrant’s winter hat. Back to School means stationery so far as I’m concerned, and the discovery that my Gemma Corell lever arch file was faulty gave me a perfect opportunity to browse First Stop Stationers (who are my go-to for new Leuchtturm notebooks btw). Along with a new file, I picked up Pilot Frixion pens in black and purple. I’m obsessed with Pilot’s BPS-F Fine (sadly discontinued in the UK), so this feels a little like cheating, but I was seduced by the erasable nature of the Frixion. It’s perfect for adding notes to my Mini Happy Planner, re-fillable, and comes in a range of colours; I will definitely be picking up the highlighter set before my course officially starts. My secondhand copy of A.N.Wilson’s Victoria: A Life also arrived this week: while my 2017 Reading Challenge is still ongoing, I’m already beginning to plot my 2018 Challenge, which may take us to the 19th century – more on both of those to follow in future posts.

Odds and Sods:

  • I finally finished Bronowski’s William Blake and the Age of Revolution. Dull. Dull. Dull. Though I’m not sure if the fault lies with author or subject matter.
  • Lily Kershaw’s Midnight in the Garden has been the soundtrack to my week. It’s fairly old – 2013? – but new to me, and I’m so very in love with her lyrics.
  • The Tiny Tyrant has learned about Santa (thanks Max and Ruby!), and I’m trying to persuade her that he likes mince pies and whisky, not hot chocolate and cookies.


This week I’m going to a Welcome and Induction day with OU Scotland, which I’m surprisingly excited about given it requires a number of public transport changes, and meeting new people. At home the ‘autumn cleaning’ will continue, as will the knitting. Here on the blog I shall taking stock of my 2017 Reading Challenges, and hopefullycelebrating the completion of the Lopapeysa. I may also sneak in a post about the next KAL I’m doing if I have time.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.