Polymath Enthusiasms

Odds & (Week)ends #4

Slapped Cheek or Common Cold?

You’ll recall we endured snot-monster plague week here recently, and I was disheartened to note that both TT and I seemed to be experiencing a relapse. Then it emerged that ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’ is doing the rounds at TT’s nursery. Despite sounding fake, it’s a real thing, and the initial symptoms (when it’s most infectious) are remarkably similar to those of the common cold. By the time you get the bright red rash on your cheeks (hence the name) you’re no longer a danger to anyone. On Friday, at the height of my suspicious sore throat/raised temp/headache combo, it occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t infect a sizable proportion of OU Scotland’s student population, so I had to cancel my place at the induction day. Cue massive guilt, as had I known earlier, someone else could have taken my place.

On the Subject of Diversity

Another result of my immune system throwing up a white flag is that the blog post I meant to publish on Wednesday or Thursday finally saw the light today. Since the topic is current, I thought I’d add here that June Sarpong has a book due out on the topic of diversity. According to the blurb, Diversify looks at the benefits, both personally and for society, of seeking out “the unfamiliar”. It’s due out on the 19th of October, and I shall probably pick it up as I suspect it will prove useful for my course.

The Machinist

Back in May I impulse-bought a sewing machine because I really hate hand-sewing (I know, don’t @ me). While I checked everything was working when I got it, it took until this week for me to get it out again. After half an hour of swearing and fighting to get the bobbin back in properly, I fixed the seams on two duvet cases that I’ve been promising to fix since before TT was born (I really, really hate sewing, OK?). With that modest success behind me, I’m planning to make new covers for my floor cushions (currently languishing in an under-bed bag because a toddler proved too much for the original batik covers), and to repurpose some trashed jeans. Judging by my current form, you can look forward to that update in 2018.

From the Mailbag

Yes, there was yarn. Some more Squidge from Easyknits, because I’ve been pondering what to do with the one I got as a mystery skein a few weeks back, and there was only 1 skein of pumpkin left.

Also some Pretty Floral Bonnet, and Cold Sheep from Old Maiden Aunt (shown with a skein of To the Black), for a project that I’ll talk more about this week. We also got post for a house 2 streets over: an occurrence that generally suggests our very capable postman is taking a well-earned day off 🙂

Odds and Sods

  • New boots: my feet and I have agreed that we hate heels, so I am bidding farewell to the knee-high boots I never want to wear, and have bought a comfy pair of black ankle boots. Life is too short, and I am too old, to wear uncomfortable shoes.
  • To the moon! TT announced that she and I need to go to the moon. I suggested that she pursue a career in STEM, but she seems to think Despicable Me has her covered.
  • The holiday that shall not be named. I may have started shopping for Advent Calendar things. Also, it’s October, when mince pie season officially begins (1st October to 31st December, in case you were wondering), and I’m very worried about how my current healthy eating goals will affect my long-held dream of eating my own body-weight in mince pies.


Saturday marks the start of my course, so I aim to gradually ease back into a study routine this week. On the blog you will mainly find knitting posts, as the Lopapeysa is off the needles, and two other projects will be cast on. I also have plans to cook a couple of scrumptious looking curries from recipes by Jack Monroe.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.