Cast on: Good Intentions Club #1

If you’ve read any of my weekly updates, you’ll know that I’ve been listening to the Knit British podcast. In episode 92, the first I listened to, Louise mentioned that she was thinking of hosting a Good Intentions Club – a year-long KAL whose participants commit to knitting 4 projects (1 per quarter) for which they already have the yarn and pattern in their stash.

Since my space is limited, I was already eyeing up my stash and plotting how to lose the random balls of yarn bought during my ‘winter knitter’ years. Some of it can be transformed into Christmas gifts, but there are also a couple of sweater quantities of yarn that I’ve lost enthusiasm for, and that take up the space I need for newer, prettier yarn (I see you judging me,… and I deserve it 🙂 )

The serendipity was irresistible, so I’ve set up my project bags for the 4 quarters, and on 1st October I duly started on Ingvild. This is a cape designed by Anniken Allis, in Noro Janome yarn. Janome is one of Noro’s colourfully eclectic self-striping yarns that’s 60% silk/40% wool, and which has been discontinued. The pattern is one I bookmarked in The Knitter while in the grip of a cape obsession, almost a year ago, and when I came across the right quantity of yarn, I bought it with the pattern in mind.

Since I knitted a tension square for this once before, which didn’t turn out so well, I decided to be good and try again before casting on. Somehow I managed to match rows but not stitches; the opposite of what I did last time. I confess that I got impatient, and decided that I’d just wing it, as I’m fairly close either way (you may slap my hand now). The Good Intentions Club has porous deadlines (in theory I should finish before the next prompt on the 1st of January), but as I’m doubling up and knitting this as a Christmas gift I should probably try to finish with time to send it.

Another motivation to make Ingvild quickly is that I’m not enjoying knitting with Janome all that much. So far as I, with my limited knowledge, can tell, the yarn consists of dyed silk thread wrapped around unplied, undyed wool. The thickness varies in much the same way as the Lopi I’ve been using this past month, but without the joy of the sheepy feel you get from the latter. Partway into a row, my fingers begin to feel dry, almost as though coated with powder; it’s a rather odd sensation.

I’ll be posting the odd progress pic on instagram, and it should feature as a Finished Object post on here eventually – hopefully well before Christmas!


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