Cast on: Westknits MKAL 2017

Despite my extensive list of Christmas knits, I allowed myself to be seduced by the idea of a Westknits mystery knit-a-long (MKAL). As you may know, an MKAL is one in which the pattern is divided into clues, which are released over the period of the KAL. The knitter starts with the yarn requirements, and needle sizes, but no idea of how the finished piece will look.

Since I’ve never participated in an MKAL before, and the previous year’s Westknits shawls are so gorgeous, I decided I wanted to do this year’s Speckle and Pop Mystery Shawl. I was hoping to source most of the yarn from my stash, but I needed 3 main colours that fade (I’m not big on speckles so I dropped that requirement), and 5 pop colours, and nothing I had was really working together.

I decided to order some Old Maiden Aunt 4ply in Cold Sheep and Pretty Floral Bonnet, to go with my skein of To the Black. 20170928_121417759_iOSMy instinct that they would fade well was correct, but they didn’t work with the pink gradient set of mini-skeins I already owned (featured in the mailbag on Odds & (Week)ends #2). I felt that I needed some brighter yellows and greens against the cool blue-purples of the MCs, so ordered  some mini-skeins from Mothy And The Squid, and a yellow to blue gradient set, Toxic Spill, from Easyknits.

The winning combination ended up being a red (Dye Ninja‘s Mrs Ogg’s Bloomers, bought at EYF), a yellow-pink (Rosy Maple Moth from Mothy And The Squid), and the yellow and green shades from the Toxic Spill set.

All the colour deliberation, and waiting on orders, has put me about a week behind, but Clue 2 is apparently a shorter section, so I may be able to make the time up. I confess that I had a little look at people’s progress pics of Clue 1, because I couldn’t quite visualise how the colour pops would work, but now that I’ve started I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, and enjoy watching the shawl form as I knit. I won’t post any photos on here until I’m done, but check out #westknitsmkal2017 on Instagram if you want a peek at shawls in progress.


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