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Odds & (Week)ends #9

Finished Objects and Hibernation

There’s been significant activity on the knitting front since last we spoke. I’ve now completed both the Ruschia Hat, and the Wood Warbler Cowl.
I finished the Ruschia Hat as part of the AYOT KAL, which was particularly satisfying, and I feel like it’s a pattern I’d like to perfect, so I’ll be knitting a few more of those. I also finished my Good Intentions Q1 Project. You’ll note that it looks nothing like a lacework cape. I tried, reader, I really did, but that yarn did not want to be lace. While browsing Ravelry in desperation, I noticed a shawl knitted in Janome with a similar zigzag edge to the Hitchhiker shawl: the rest is history. I’ve had some lovely compliments in the Good Intentions chat forum, so it was definitely a good change. On the unfinished front, having seen pics of the finished Speckle and Pop shawl, I realised I still didn’t have the tension right so I frogged it again. It’s hibernating at the moment; I want to give it my full attention, but my brain is full of Christmas ideas right now. I hope to come back to it in December or perhaps the New Year.

New Routine

I decided to use the clocks changing as a way to jumpstart a new routine. I am not a morning person, but I’ve found that I’m too tired to do much after a full day of Tyrant-wrangling. I do know that I function best with a consistent sleep pattern, so I’ve shifted this for a 06:00 start. This allows me to do my morning pages, and some work, before everyone else is up for the day. So far I’ve found that I’m less distracted and tired for the rest of the day, as I’ve come around at my own pace (it takes a while 😂). We’ll see how it goes.

From the Mailbag

Yes, there was yarn. But also the cutest little teapot. I’m finding tea meditation to be a helpful self-care activity when I’m especially anxious, and dunking a teabag in a mug rather detracts from the solemnity of it all.

Odds and Ends

  • I’ve decided that November is ‘hat month’, as I feel the need to complete a series of simple knits (well, quick ones anyway). Coincidentally, Louise Tilbrooke is hosting a Hats for Humans KAL this month – do check it out if you’d like to knit useful hats for a charity.
  • I spent an instructive hour or so playing the Assassins Festival crossover on FFXV. I never got on with the controls for AC, but it’s kind of fun with FFXV’s controls and mechanics. Not as fun as actual FFXV so I think a replay may be in order. 


Unit 4 of my OU module kicks off this week, so I will be getting back into my study routine. I’ll probably be taking part in the #wovemberinstachallenge and #theelementbookchallenge over on instagram, and I expect to share a little more about my ‘hat month’ with you here. 

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.


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