Hat Month

November is Hat Month here at Casa Polymath. This isn’t something I planned, but rather something which fell together from unrelated hat needs.

None of my existing hats fit comfortably, so I wanted to knit a quick, simple hat for myself. I’d also promised the Technician a hat to go with the cowl I made him last winter. And, of course, the Tiny Tyrant demanded to get in on the action. 

The second group of hats I wanted to make were Christmas gifts, and the brief here was for a series of hats which were quick to make, and different from each other.

Inspired by Louise Tilbrooke’s #hatsforhumans KAL (mentioned in my last post) I decided that I would also use the oddments of wool left from my hat projects to make hats to donate to charity. 

I’m mostly working from free patterns: Tin Can Knits Barley, Emily Dormier’s Quick Ombré Hat, and Joannie Newsome’s Tall Celtic Knotwork Hat. I also have some Woolly Wormhead patterns up my sleeve, and invested in Tin Can Knits’ Strange Brew pattern, which includes a swatch hat and a range of colourwork motifs – perfect for those oddments I mentioned.

Surely that’s enough hats to last a lifetime, I hear you ask. But wait, there’s more: I also joined Woolly Wormhead’s Mystery Hat-a-Long. I’m making Hat B, and am a little behind, having only just finished Clue 1. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to mention that there’s a lace element to Hat B and I’m very proud that I’ve managed not to screw it up (so far).

I’ve finished 5 hats so far this week, and am hoping to keep up that pace and end November with plenty of hats to gift.

More hat pics soon 😁


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