Polymath Enthusiasms

Odds & (Week)ends #11

The Week When I Remembered the Asthma

This will probably be a short round-up, as I spent most of the week trying not to cough my lungs up, and then not sleeping because of the same. Not until the end of the week did it occur to me that the latest cold virus might just be interacting with my very mild (mild like I haven’t needed an inhaler since 2015) asthma. Luckily, I realised before the weekend, and even more luckily, I managed to get an appointment, and a prescription. We are all sleeping much better, but I still feel like I lost a week. And I lost my voice this weekend so I missed D&D too ☹️

The Mad Hatter Continues Her Work

My hat total is now at 11, so production has slowed, compared to last week. I did get some of them blocked though, and one of them went to its forever home. I lost some time to an error on the MKAL hat, which meant I had to rip back and start over on this week’s clue, but I’ll be caught up by the time the final clue releases on Wednesday. I think I may gift the first attempt, and make myself another in due course, as I’m not sure I like the colour of the wool I used. I am starting to get bored of hats now, so I may start to alternate them with other knits for the rest of the month.

From the Mailbag

It was a particularly sheepy yarn week this week, and I’m looking forward to trying these out.

We also got a Hotel Chocolat catalogue and TT has gone through it in detail pointing out all the sweeties she would like… I hope she’s not too disappointed to find I’ve ignored her come Christmas Day.

Odds & Sods

  • I’ve been working through Lisa Jacob’s Your Best Year 2018 (Life Edition) over the weekend. It’s refreshing to start planning for the next year while there’s still time to settle unfinished business in 2017. Unexpected bonus for me: her breakdown of goals to quarterly, monthly, and weekly tasks fits neatly with the layout of my Strickplaner.
  • Knit British will be doing Wool Exploration in 2018 – a chance for listeners to get involved in reviewing single breed wools. January’s breed is North Ronaldsay, and, conveniently, I’ve just bought some 😏


I desperately need to get my beets pickled as they’re taking up a lot of cupboard space, and I need to start drafting my next TMA this week. There will be some hat knitting, perhaps a cowl, and I want to swatch for The Weekender too.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.