Polymath Enthusiasms

Odds & (Week)ends #12

Plague House

This week I segued seamlessly from flu to chest infection, along with the rest of the household. Every time I get annoyed about the number of different medications I’m taking, I remind myself that I’m lucky enough to get free healthcare/prescriptions; it helps to keep perspective. Hopefully the nursery germ warfare will die down in the new year.

Almost Done with Hats

I did get bored and make a cowl, but, after completing 12 hats in November I still have a few more to go: another for me, as I’ve been wanting a Bousta Beanie, and 2 that are part of Christmas gift sets. I’m seriously feeling the need to cast on a sweater now, but before I get to that I should probably address my lack of mittens. It’s cold out there!

Love My Local Library

This month I’ve been borrowing ebooks through my library app. It’s not great for ‘vintage’ books, but can be a handy way to get hold of new releases that I want to read but not necessarily own. Recent loans have included The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters (not the most convincing argument, but some interesting passages), In Cold Blood (gripping), The Peripheral (one of my favourite novels, which I was too ill and tired to go and retrieve from storage), and, currently, Landmarks (I’m only on Chapter 3, and I realise I probably will buy it). The flurry of ebooks has boosted my total reads, and I’m comfortably over my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge total, which is a nice feeling.

From the Mailbag

I picked up some single breed yarns during Blacker Yarns’ Wovember sale so that I can take part in the KnitBritish Wool Exploration reviews.159A4CE0-9150-481D-80EE-0EC4989A39C9

Odds and Sods

  • I had convincing proof of Lettlopi’s water-repellent properties the other day, and am now daydreaming/planning to knit all my outerwear in the stuff.
  • You should definitely check out #theelementbookchallenge on instagram again this month. I’m enjoying that it’s undated as it makes it easier to participate.
  • My local Tesco sells 2 kinds of muffin tin and no mince pie tins. Do people not make their own mince pies anymore?


The plague weeks have knocked me back on everything except getting Christmas gifts organised, so this week’s focus will be putting my assignment to bed, then the easy win of getting all the gifts sent off. Hopefully that will build some momentum for the rest of the task list.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.