Polymath Enthusiasms

Odds & (Week)ends #19

The Fruits of Crowdfunding

I’ve generally had a good experience with supporting crowdfunded books and games, and this week 2 longstanding pledges arrived:

The Lady and the Tiger, from Jellybean Games, is loosely inspired by Frank R. Stockton’s short story, and includes 5 games, ranging from a solitaire game to 2-6 player options, all using the same components. I’ve only played Hoard, the solitaire game, so far – it’s been a solo parenting week – but I’m looking forward to working my way through the others. And I must just mention that Tania’s artwork is divine. The ladies and tigers are so unique and distinctive that I find myself imagining their backstories as I play – I probably shouldn’t do that when I come to play the pair, and group games though.

My other ‘reward’ was The Secret History of Mac Gaming, which I backed on Unbound. We had Macs at home when I was growing up so any gaming that couldn’t be done on various iterations of Gameboy was done on the Mac. In the ’90s that meant not getting to play the games my console-blessed friends were playing, but it has left me with a lifelong love of the Civilisation series (Civ II was the best; I will accept no debate on this). Timescales on Unbound are typically longer than other types of crowdfunding, but both books I’ve backed have been worth the wait.

From the Mailbag

As anticipated, my copy of Laine #4, and the Ysolda shawl club yarn arrived this week. The latter is the most smooshable blend of Corriedale and Zwartbles, spun specially for the club by John Arbon Textiles (which amused me as I’ve just started my Lanes cardigan in some of their Exmoor Zwartbles blend). My Valentines dice from Q-Workshop also arrived, so I’m well supplied with red D20s.

Odds and Sods

  • Easyknits’ new website is up and running, and as part of the relaunch they’ve announced a new Nerd Sock Club, which will include a skein of sock yarn and a pin, themed around a nerdy topic, sent out bi-monthly. Naturally, I signed up.
  • I’ve been enjoying Reedsy’s bite-sized writing emails over coffee this past week. I’ve finished Kristen Kiefer’s How to Plot a Novel Using the 3-Act Story Structure, which I thoroughly recommend, and have moved on to How to Start Writing a Book. Can you tell my writing motivation is low right now? 🙂
  • We’re trialling the monthly ToucanBox as the Tiny Tyrant is blazing through the fortnightly craft boxes when they arrive. The Grande box includes 2 crafts, a book, and a list of activity ideas around a theme (adventure, most recently). The books we’ve had have been excellent, and ToucanBox are generous with the craft supplies. If you’d like to try a free Petite box, click here.


It doesn’t seem possible that we’re at the end of February already. I expect to finish my first ‘Year of Socks’ socks in the next day or so, and cast on the next pair before March arrives – all of which I’ll devote a post to during the week. I suspect that I also have a school shoes trip to Clark’s in my immediate future. Oh, joy.

Take care, and don’t let Monday get you down.